Market research

What you always wanted to know about your markets - neurotraffic in collaboration with Consent Market & Social Research delivers answers for your research questions.

The aim of market research is to identify market values. In order to get as most precise answers as possible, Consent market & social research develops company-tailored designs to present valuable and interesting insights and results.

Consent Market & Social Research was established in 1974 and has more than 30 years of research experience. The team collaborates with social scientists, marketing experts, psychologists, market researchers and management consultants on an interdisciplinary basis. The main area of expertise is the implementation of high-quality studies, focusing on topics such as traffic & mobility amongst others.

Consent Traffic & Mobility Research-Projects 2012-2013

  • Traffic penalties
  • Public relations - transport service in Austria
  • Driving safety and its implications
  • Study on car use characteristics
  • Mobility needs of car users and cyclists
  • Driving safety in general
  • Road dangers
  • Advertising strategy of petrol stations

Study methodologies

  • Representative surveys (personal, by phone, by post)
  • Group discussions
  • In-depth interviews (Video, one-way mirror, simultaneous translation)
  • Mystery shopping
  • Specific target group research
  • Company surveys (both staff and client satisfaction)

The Consent team consists of:

  • 300 interviewers distributed all over Austria for personal interviews, mystery studies or phone surveys
  • 15 interviewers for in-depth interviews, specifically trained for qualitative
  • 4 moderators trained in qualitative exploration techniques for focus group moderation or in-depth interviews


As a member of professional associations ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research) and VMÖ (Association of Researchers in Austria) we are committed to the principles of ethics, technical and methodological standards as well as the professional code of practice.

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