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Dr. Michael Gatscha is founder and research director of neurotraffic, which was established in 2013. Together with his team, he provides services and consultancy in the area of mobility and health and actively takes part in safety related projects and forums.

Michael Gatscha, born in 1975, holds a doctoral degree from the University of Vienna, Austria. He is author of and contributor to various national and international road safety studies. Since 1999 he has co-operated and researched in EU- projects including IMMORTAL, NovEV, PEPPER, PROLOGUE, SUPREME, SafetyNet, DaCoTA, Taxistars and RAINVISION amongst others.

He also worked within several national Austrian research projects, focusing on instrumented observation of driving behaviour, evaluation of driver education & training schemes, as well as the assessment of road infrastructure and vehicle characteristics.

Working for several years within the Austrian Road Safety Board, he focused on topics ranging from road safety to road infrastructure, enforcement and driver training. Moreover, he substantially contributed in numerous scientific publications and reports, for example the OECD/ECMT Publication - Young Drivers: The Road to Safety.

During his employment within the company, Test & Training International, he was responsible for the companies research strategy and product development. Under his auspices, proprietary systems for observation of driving behaviour and naturalistic driving have been developed.

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